At Privai, we are committed to community and our planet. We take pride that for the past 10 years we remain:

  • We are Paraben Free
  • We use recyclable glass and eco-friendly packaging that tread lightly on the earth
  • We are Cruelty Free and NEVER test on animals
  • We value our planet and feel passionately about the preservation of nature
  • We are Vegan friendly
  • We are Gluten Free
  • We donate a percentage of our net profit to the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN.ORG) to protect nature’s habitat and endangered species.

As we are dedicated to the holistic empowerment of women, donations are also generously given to Women For Women International (, a passionate organization devoted to enlightening women about their self-worth through education, business skills and elevating self-esteem. Women are the roots of society and through their strength, families and communities become more fortified, stable, filled with integrity and balance.